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Dr. Suzanne Yessayan, Ph.D, M.A., B.A., Bus. C.Ht. 

Dr. Suzanne Yessayan  

dr. suzanne yesssayanLife can serve up many hardships: heartbreak, illness, injury, death, break up, abandonment, betrayal. How do you know you are healed from an emotional wound? How do you recover when you feel utterly crushed by life? When your heart literally aches with every beat...whether you saw it coming or didn’t, the feeling is the same...:you’re devastated and sometimes left asking "why." You might get some reactive comforting like when someone gives you advice or quick answers but it might feel false, even insulting, when you're deeply hurting. You might feel like running away and stuffing your emotions.  You might even wear a pretend smile to camouflage your real emotions and thoughts from everyone because you feel no one really understands or even cares.

No one is exempt from pain felt at the depths of your being. So what's the best way to support your healing process? When we honor our pain by setting time aside to reflect and give ourselves time to grieve; when you reach out to supportive family and friends, and/or professionals like me; when you find relief in different ways through creative and sports activities; it helps. But what will help you is finding value in the experience from an attitude of learning and growth.

So, will you allow emotional pain to hold you back or will you decide to use it to propel you in a new direction?

What is your clarity and freedom from pain and suffering worth to you? 

I invite you to complete the form to your right for a free consultation.  You deserve clarity and freedom in your life.  

Through my own life experiences I have suffered similar disappointments, felt stuck and frustrated with where you are in your life.  Then I learned how to live an empowered life full of hope and possibility.

My experiences have taught me to have great compassion for others. Like you, I began searching for answers, made changes to negative patterns no longer working for me, reached out for help, and equipped myself with the knowledge and tools that allowed me to see my options to make better choices.

I survived to help others like you. I am well-seasoned by life challenges, and academically well-trained and mentored with over 40 years experience in a variety of powerful modalities.  I use holistic, complementary, alternative and cutting-edge integrative approaches to psychology and human understanding at the conscious and subconcious levels customized around your needs. 

My commitment is to help you empower yourself to handle the way you think and feel about yourself and your life experiences in order to become the best version of yourself. 

I am passionate and committed to your success if you are ready.

I have a successful practice in Los Angeles and serve clients across the full diversity spectrum (which means LGBTQ friendly), and from all over the world and nationwide helping people feel better to live and love better.

Discover The Root Cause 

Discover the root cause of your relational challenges, uncover the limiting beliefs that have held you back, heal your past and be liberated, reclaim your voice, power and self-worth.

Align with your intentions for deeper happiness to attract healthy love, abundance, and prosperity. Embrace the life you were born to live.

My expertise is in personal development, transformation, change, and empowerment. I am a relationship development and transformational Coach, and certified Hypnotherapist, writer, spiritual light worker, and modern intuitive.  My business is clarity and freedom.

Breaking Inner Obstacles & Fears

I write and speak on many motivational issues like breaking inner obstacles and fears like trust, abandonment, abuse, control, judgment, self-love issues, and responsibility for yourself and others, attracting, maintaining, and enhancing wholehearted love and relationships into your life, becoming master of your mind, creating abundance and prosperity, overcoming loss and breakup helping move people from heartache to heart-joy through embracing your past, and enhancing your connection to your higher self.

With deep gratitude, I thank my Creator and my Spirit Guides who help me help others like you to understand how powerful we are as souls in the human experience.

Together we help others understand and overcome the challenging issues of their lives and how to move beyond.

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