Saving The Corporate Soul 

dr. suzanne yesssayanAs the business environment becomes more complex, smart companies are committed to developing and investing in their employees.

Do you empower your employees so that they will be motivated to do what you need?  

Every employee, from entry-level to the executive team, should strive to continue learning every day. This will ultimately lead to increased productivity, profitability, and employee engagement at your business.

Why You Should Invest In Your Employees  

Primarily it helps you attract and keep great employees who are loyal. Having a reputation as a good employer who cares enough to invest in their employees can affect sales and the hiring process.

It helps you create promotable employees from within your company based on their strengths and weaknesses – a good employee is like money in the bank.

Happy employees are more engaged at work, take more interest, perform better work in the long run, and become efficient and proficient which helps your company save and earn money.   It forces a company like yours to look to and plan for the future.  

You'll be asking yourself: What kind of leadership will I need? What will your customers need from your employees? and What industry changes might you expect?  

Your employees are integral to any answer you might come up with for these questions, and their training and development are tightly involved, too.

Productivty At Work

Staying on your toes means you'll be thinking ahead of the curve for your business.  Learning the skills of mind management for success is a game changer!  

It reduces absenteeism, improves morale and gives an overall better individual and team performance to reach goals.

Dr. Yessayan

Yessayan International Association of Counselors and Therapist

happy employeesImagine if every day your employees showed up for work feeling positive, enthusiastic,energized, revitalized, and resilient.  No more blaming, no more apathy, and able to take responsibility for moving forward.  No more negative attitudes, sloppy work habits costing your company in damaged relationships with other employees and customers.  Stress at work, depression, anxiety can be debilitating to employee performance and also proving costly for any company.

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My clients have a fierce desire to learn and grow.  It’s my pleasure to partner with companies, and organizations that are committed in optimizing the performance of their employees.  

If you want to create a lasting business  bursting with energy and productivity, then consider contacting me today. 
I educate my clients to re-engineer their thoughts and behaviors and to believe in themselves, giving them the confidence to be positive and productive.  

I successfully use RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) for small or large groups and individuals with rapid, effective methods. I also provide individualized relationship and personal development coaching sessions.

I’m passionate in helping your employees maximize their potential. 
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