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dr. suzanne yesssayanDr. Suzanne Yessayan is an expert in examining the 'Unconscious & Conscious Mind Set' of people and resolving hidden issues to create a happier life.

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Subconscious & Conscious Mind Set Expert.
Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind and you need to get it under control.

Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your life. When you change your subconscious beliefs, you’ll change your reality.

mind setAsk Dr. Yes About…
Finding Love * Surviving Breakups * Stess * Addictions * Fears * Weight Problems * Bullying * Depression * Relationships.

She will tell you what your subconscious mind is saying to you and what your  conscious mind needs to say back! 

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Show Topics
News breaking stories of ‘why someone would do that’ is what Dr. Yessayan can add clarity to and shed light on.

Other Topics Include
How to go from unlucky in love to lucky in love. 
How to attract genuine love. 
How to overcome your fear in love.
How to get more connection and no rejection.
How to gain control over your weight challenges.
How to change negative stress to positive stress.
How to take suffering from pain.
How to manifest what you want in life.
How to stop attracting the wrong type into your life.
How to stop being an option and become a priority.
How to master success.
How to get rid of  harmful, crippling self-doubt.
How to tell if you’re in “The Wrong” relationship.
How to get over habits holding you back.
Why your love life stinks and what to do about it.
How to feel connected and aligned with your life’s purpose.
How to get unstuck and create the life you really want.
How to stop being nice.
How to heal anger and abuse.

Dr. Yessayan

Dr. Yessayan gets beneath the surface to help you get unstuck, overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

She discovers the root cause of your relationship challenges and uncovers the limiting beliefs that hold you back.  Suzanne rewires your mind for success to help you experience rapid and permanent change.

Dr. Yessayan is a certified Hypnotherapist and a relationship- personal development coach for helping educating guiding and help people harness their mind to empower their life.

She is also a modern intuitive writer and motivational speaker. Dr. Yessayan has been personally trained and certified by Marisa Peer as in RTT™ Hypnotherapist and by Katherine Woodward Thomas as both a Calling in "The One"™  and Conscious Uncoupling™ certified relationship coach. 

Dr. Yessayan

Yessayan International Association of Counselors and Therapist

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)™ Hypnotherapy

Calling in "The One"™ Coaching

Conscious Uncoupling™ Coaching
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