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How Hypnotherapy Helped Emily' Family

" I really feel good about myself. I don’t feel shy any more, and I take more initiative in striking up conversations with people. I notice how much more positive I am now and feel so much better with myself as a result of experiencing hypnotherapy. Thank you so much Suzanne." 

I was getting less sleep over many months, and more worried and anxious. I was the first time and Suzanne was very patient in explaining how it works, what to expect, and answered all my questions to help me understand. I felt comfortable with her.

She was able to teach me some simple tools and with hypnotherapy it helped me set aside the day's worries and anxieties so I can sleep deeply to give my body and mind the rest needed. I wake up refreshed now by a good sleep, and can handle a new day's work with renewed energy and focus.

"My memory, focus and recall improved during my study for my nursing exams, and also during the test.  I passed with flying colors and no longer afraid in taking tests. Thanks again for the help. My experience with you was great and the hypnotherapy worked.

I suffered from panic at the thought of speaking in public and as a salesperson my stage fright was holding me back in my career. Working with Suzanne as my hypnotherapist we identified a specific event that caused my original fear that was triggering my panic attacks.

I am amazed at how much more confidence I have and no longer fear getting up in front of people to make my presentations. I can’t thank you enough Suzanne.

Thank you for your assistance via hypnotherapy in improving my retention of the materials that I studied for the national board exam to become licensed as a chiropractor.

I found that the sessions improved my composure and increased my retention as I studied for the examination and ultimately took it. I had failed it twice before, and was notified that I passed it this time. Thank you, again, for your help and support."


How Hypnotherapy Helped Laura With Her Weight

I’ve been smoking since I was a teenager and tried to quit at least a dozen or so times over the past few years with no success. I tried the patch, the gum, acupuncture and everything else.

I couldn’t find a way to get through the first few weeks ‘cold turkey’…my will power wasn’t strong enough. With the money I’ve spent over the years on cigarettes, I could’ve afforded a well-earned vacation.

I smoked to relieve me of stress and to keep my weight down. And besides my friends smoke and I just wanted to fit in. Some people at work kept reminding me that I smell like a chimney and a dirty ashtray and I felt self-conscious.

I spent a lot on dry cleaning bills. Reports from the American Cancer Society say smoking is not only harmful to my health, but the second-hand smoke my children are exposed to isn’t good for them either. I wanted to stop smoking once and for all.

My next door neighbor recommended I go see Suzanne for hypnotherapy because she thought it just could help me to stop smoking. She had gone to get hypnotherapy for weight management and she lost 35 pounds.

I was skeptical at first but Suzanne explained what she does and how the mind works. After only three sessions and listening to a reinforcement recording, I really don’t have a desire to light up. I am totally amazed. I can’t thank her enough. I’m finally a non-smoker.

Suzanne’s an amazing Coach. As a Couples and Sex Therapist, I am impressed at how Suzanne was able to help me heighten my awareness of my patterns in relationships and why I was attracting the wrong type of men in my love life, and why I was over-giving in all my relationships including with my friends.

I’ve had traditional therapy for at least 10 years before coming to Suzanne, and have been practicing as a professional therapist myself for over 15 years, but I found my CITO coaching sessions with Suzanne by far to be more effective in helping me to change how I was thinking and behaving in my life.

I never felt I was enough. I felt unworthy of the type of love I deserved. I was giving up any hope of finding the type of man that would treat me the way I wanted. Suzanne helped me understand how my mindset was working against me. And now, I feel more confident moving forward to a happier and healthier relationship, and better friendships.

Truly transformational processes in the hands of an effective professional like Suzanne. I recommend her highly."

I came to Suzanne with a failing second marriage trying to understand why I was unsuccessful with my marriages. I was diagnosed with ED (Erectile Dysfunction) but it was more than just that.

Suzanne was able to help me understand my self-sabotaging conscious patterns in how I was viewing relationships at work and in my personal life. She helped me understand why I was unhappy in my life and always feeling I had to please others as a way to win their love.

I am grateful to Suzanne for helping me to be genuinely more optimistic and confident about my future and the promising possibilities in all aspects of my life but especially in my relationships. Suzanne is a very effective Coach and the coaching processes she uses.

After 25 years of marriage my wife told me she wanted a divorce on the day I took her out to dinner on her birthday because she didn’t love me. We have three children 7, 12, and 15 years old. It’s been a year now and we’ve avoided making our divorce official.

I came to Suzanne to help me understand myself and how to get through our breakup and how to move forward with minimal trauma to our children using Conscious Uncoupling processes. I was working three jobs and paying all the bills even though we lived in separate houses. I was a dedicated husband and father now facing divorce and having to still financially support our family.

Suzanne helped me see how I overlooked my own feelings and needs in the relationship over the years and how to deal with pent up resentments I allowed to build. She helped me understand how to deal with my children during this ordeal and helped my thinking in setting some priorities in how to proceed with my wife to benefit our children.

Thanks to Suzanne I could see my part in our marriage. I’m more consciously mindful and aware about my actions moving forward. I’m now ready to let go and move on from my wife in a kind way for the sake of our children. I’m also more confident in my relationship with my children.

I was in and out of a number of different lesbian relationships and work situations.  Nothing in my life was going right and I felt stuck. I was unhappy with my life. I was ready for a change but didn’t know what really. I had been in traditional therapy for several years but nothing changed in my life and I didn’t want to spend any more years processing the same things. I heard her speak at a local event.

So I decided to see Suzanne for coaching sessions using Conscious Uncoupling to help me get unstuck. I’ve also gone on to have a separate RTT hypnotherapy session with her outside of Conscious Uncoupling. She helped me become more consciously aware of my choices and we got beneath my fears, and why I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere. She really understands me and I feel comfortable sharing things about me.

She doesn’t judge me. It’s like she has x-ray vision or something and connects with you at a deep level. All I can tell you is that I’m feeling more confident and focused. I’ve chosen a career in law enforcement, and finished my training. I’ve also been exclusively dating a woman I plan to be with for a long time. Thanks for everything. You’ve helped me a lot with all your knowledge and tools.

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